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Perfect for middlegrade readers, this engaging book will help kids learn how the fire started, how it set the chicago river on fire, and how nearly the entire city was destroyed. The great chicago fire was one of historys most devastating events. On october 8, 1871, a huge fire started near chicagos downtown area and burned four square miles to the ground before it was extinguished. The board find that the fire originated in a twostory barn in the rear of no. The several decades before the great chicago fire were a time of astonishing growth for the city. What was the great chicago fire is part of the what was. She was the perfect scapegoat for the cause of the. Fiction and nonfiction about the great chicago fire of 1871 score a book s total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. Media event examines how the fire was reported in the contemporary press, popular images, and instant histories. Excerpt from the great fire by jim murphy 1 it was sunday and an unusuallywarm evening for october eighth, so daniel peg leg sullivan left his stifling little house in the west side of chicago and went to visit neighbors. Lessons from the chicago fire foundation for economic.

Great chicago fire simple english wikipedia, the free. The great chicago fire university of chicago library. I kept it handy in the car for a week or so before the trip, and they read it again and again. Oleary and the effects of the fire that began in the olearys barnyard. The great chicago fire, as the horror happened in 1871. In narrative detail, kids will see how firefighters fought desperately to contain the blaze as. Amid myriad eyewitness and photographic accounts of the fire, a consideration. The third annual great chicago fire invitational will take place at the daley center on the 28th and 29th of january, 2017.

The great chicago fire kimberly leverette mulberry middle. The great chicago fire destroyed a major american city, making it one of the most destructive disasters of the 19th century. If you discovered that one cause of the great chicago fire. North center described as rare artifacts, a newspaper extra and a poster declaring martial law after the great chicago fire of 1871 are up for sale saturday at a north side auction house. Taking on a theme with great dramatic appeal, each of the books 10 chapters presents a notable disaster. The following questions are based on the accompanying documents ae. The great fire by jim murphy is about a fire that occurred in chicago. Choose from 500 different sets of chapter 4 great fire flashcards on quizlet. The cow and kerosene lamp story puts the blame on catherine oleary.

The great fire in chicago homeless citizens taking refuge from the flames among the ruins. The fire killed approximately 300 people, destroyed roughly 3. One of his stops was at the shingled cottage of patrick and atherine oleary. Fiction and nonfiction about the great chicago fire of 1871 score a books total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it. According to richards illustrated and statistical map, the fire covered 2,320 of the 22,400 acres that were part of the city of chicago, with the exact area destroyed marked in red on the map. Was the great chicago fire really started by a cow. The great fire in chicagohomeless citizens taking refuge from the flames among the ruins. She lost her family in the civil war and fled from georgia to chicago disguised as a boy. Now in paperback, the great chicago fire presents a complete narrative history of the 1871 fire that destroyed.

The great chicago fire book chicago public library. The great fire of 1871 was one of the most colossal disasters in american history. In the great chicago fire, readers will meet many people like mary and her husband who suddenly fled when a small barn fire ignited into one of the greatest urban disasters in u. Daneil sullivan, also called pegleg, was the first to catch eye of this and hurried to. The great chicago fire of 1871 disasters in history. The great chicago fire was a large fire that started on sunday october 8, 1871 in chicago, illinois, united states. See more ideas about chicago fire, chicago and fire. It did not end until about 10 am the following tuesday morning. The great chicago fire was a conflagration that burned in the american city of chicago during october 810, 1871. Books and authors top teaching blog teachers tool kit student activities. The great fire by jim murphy deer creek middle school. The chicago fire of 1871, also called the great chicago fire, burned from october 8 to october 10, 1871, and destroyed thousands of. In october 1871, a fire that began in a barn in chicago spread throughout much of the city.

I survived the shark attacks of 1916 by lauren tarshis duration. It killed hundreds of people, destroyed thousands of buildings, and left almost 100,000 people homeless. Covers floods, storms, droughts, blizzards, famines, typhoons, and epidemics including the great influenza epidemic of wwi. It was a major factor in the city councils decision to restrict the construction of wooden buildings. The great chicago fire, 1871 a picture from the past. The great chicago fire october 9, 1871 one chicago resident described jumping out of bed as the fire approached. It all began one sunday evening when a small fire broke out inside the olearys barn. The damage was so profound that few people believed the city could ever rise again. But life takes an unexpected twist when she meets crusading young minister russell cosgrove on a street. It burned until tuesday october 10, 1871 when rain started to fall. The great chicago fire kimberly leverette mulberry middle directions. Books might have previous owners name, stickers, highlighting, notes, a crease in the spine, or other general used book conditions.

With my clothes under my arm and my pack on my back, i left the house with the rest of the family. All of the primary sources you will be analyzing were taken from the great chicago fire and the web of memory website created by the chicago historical society and the trustees of northwestern university. Three months after the 1871 fire, chicago tribune owner joseph medill was elected mayor, vowing to outlaw the construction of wood buildings throughout the city. The great chicago fire of 1871 was a terrible disaster as most of the city was burned to the ground. The legend of the cow started in the chicago evening journal of october 9, 1871 when an article was printed claiming that the fire was caused by a cow kicking over a lamp in a stable in which a woman was milking. These books provide a fascinating glimpse of contemporary. October 810, 1871 in october 1871, chicago was the fourth largest city in the united states with over 334,000 residents. Matt casey chicago fire taylor kinney chicago fire monica raymund leading from the front chicago justice chicago shows chicago med firefighter favorite tv shows fyeahchicagofire a blog dedicated to nbcs chicago fire. In 1850, chicagos population was around 30,000 people a large town but it more than tripled in 10 years to 110,000 in 1860 and again to nearly 300,000 in 1870. But such a centennial is an occasion to be observed with awe at the sudden destruction of so many lives and so much property, and with respect for the indomitable spirit of the chicagoans of that day. Learn chapter 4 great fire with free interactive flashcards. The web of memory the subject of the eyewitnesses chapter is the written accounts, drawings, and paintings by those who experienced the fire firsthand. This book presents the story of the great chicago fire with engaging graphic illustrations.

Here are five things you probably didnt know about the great chicago fire that. One does not celebrate the centennial of a great disaster such as the chicago fire of october 1871. The great fire by jim murphy the great fire by jim murphy is a nonfiction account of one of the most devastating disasters in american history. Vinyl 12 definite vakashun 4suckas the great chicago fire 1997, vinyl discogs. I was reading a bedtime story to my grandson and the book i was reading mentioned mrs. But did this fire reinvent the city and made it what it is in todays society. The fire began in a neighborhood southwest of the city center. Everybody in the house was trying to save as much as possible. The drought situation, the fact that most buildings were done with wood, the lack of correct systems of warning and of location when something like that happened, among other.

Musham, the great chicago fire, october 810, 1871, papers in illinois history and transactions for the year 1940 springfield. Annotated bibliography primary sources web the chicago tribune and the great chicago fire pbs. The great chicago fire of 1871 city gets revenge on ms oleary duration. Great chicago fire invitational, chicago, illinois.

Over 60,000 buildings 90% made of wood were squeezed into the city limits, along with hundreds of miles of wooden streets and sidewalks. On october 8, 1871, flames spark in the chicago barn of patrick and catherine o leary, igniting a twoday blaze that kills between 200 and 300 people. The great chicago fire was a blaze lasting for two days from 8 october 1871. A look inside from interviewees chicago historian dominic pacyga and chicago architecture associate. On sunday, october 8, 1871, a fire started on the south side of chicago. The great chicago fire was the beginning of a new metropolis, much greater than it could have ever become if the horrific fire had never happened at all. The great chicago fire of 1871 university of illinois.

On october 8, 1871, four decades after its founding, chicagos destiny was rewritten with a pen of fire. A close reading of the great fire by jim murphy excerpt. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read what was the great chicago fire. The great chicago fire posted on oct 08, 20, by margaret schilt october 8 is the 142nd anniversary of the beginning of the great chicago fire, which finally burned itself out on october 10, 1871, having killed 200300 people and reduced 3. I bought it for my boys ages 7 and 9 to read before a trip to chicago. Did the great chicago fire really start after a cow kicked over a lantern in a barn. The great chicago fire was a large fire that started on sunday october 8, 1871 in chicago, illinois.

The blaze burned homes and shops and left 300 people dead and 500,000 people homeless. Overnight, the flourishing city of chicago was transformed into a smoldering wasteland. A number of books about the fire were published in the months proceeding it. The story of the blaze that destroyed the midwests largest city charles river editors. T he great chicago fire of 1871 also affected the choice of materials used in the citys buildings. This was a valuable primary source because the source included the whole article or section from the chicago tribune, not just the paragraph about lincoln park. It destroyed over 17,000 buildings, left 100,000 homeless and killed between 200 and 300 people. Here 18yearold katina monroe finds work as william, acting in a small theater, as she dreams of writing a brilliant drama and gaining wealth and fame as a woman in her own name. In this imaginative and penetrating study, ross miller considers the mythic proportions of the great chicago fire as the city reshaped its own tragedy into an archetype of the modern struggle against adversity. A sunday night blaze in a barn quickly spread, and for approximately 30 hours the flames roared through chicago, consuming hastily constructed neighborhoods of immigrant housing as well as the citys business district. Great chicago fire 1871 major american fires massasoit.

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