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I love zoey 101 and season 3 and 4 are my fave seasons and by far the best ones. Zoey s roommates, dana and nicole, constantly fight, so zoey moves into a different room with a girl named quinn who turns out to be far stranger than either of them. Zoey 101 season 2 episode 3 its election time again, class presidents have to be voted for and chase and zoey end up nominating each other. However, there is one problem chase isnt at pca anymore. Herrera is unceremoniously fired from zoey 101 after season 1 ends because producers think she. Lola and quinn initially love him because of a couple of favors they did them. Nickelodeon has released all 4 seasons on dvd in region 1 united states only. It focuses on the lives of teenager zoey brooks jamie lynn spears, her brother dustin paul butcher, and her friends as they attend pacific coast academy pca, a fictional boarding school in southern california. Meanwhile, chase accidentally sends a text message to zoey.

When zoey hears that chase and his grandmother share the same birthday and that chase shared a close relationship with her when he was young, she thinks she has the perfect gift for him. Quinn eats baby food and the girls start to blame each other for telling their secrets. But nicole and dana seem happier since zoey s departure, and she doesnt want to hurt quinns feelings, so she pretends to be perfectly content with her new living situation. After chase learns about this, he must make a decision. Zoey 101 is an american liveaction situation comedydrama television series starring jamie lynn. Logan and michael try to throw chase a surprise party. Watch zoey 101 episodes online season 3 2008 tv guide. The season was filmed from may 2004 to september 2004 and aired from january, 2005 to may 1, 2005. The nickelodeon comedydrama series, zoey 101 originally aired from january 9, 2005 to may 2, 2008. She appears in flashbacks in season 3 pca confidential. A total of 65 episodes were produced spanning 4 seasons. The boys pull a prank on the girls which makes the girls devise a plan to get even.

Previous all episodes 61 next its a brand new year at pca, but everybody learns that nicole had to go to an all girls school has boy crazy syndrome. Watch zoey 101 season 3 episode 2 online chases girlfriend. The premiere of the episode goodbye zoey was the highestrated. He left the school and got transferred to covington, zoey s old school in england, so he could be with her. Chases birthday is coming up, but hes too busy writing a paper to think about it. Kristin herrera as dana cruz episodes victoria justice as lola martinez 50 episodes herrera is unceremoniously fired from zoey 101 after season 1 ends because producers think she is too old to continue acting.

Zoey 101 is an american comedydrama television series created by dan schneider that originally aired on nickelodeon from january 9, 2005 until may 2, 2008. For the first time in zoey 101, zoey brooks struggles with a class, chemistry, where she scores a c on a test. Zoey gets upset when logan rats her and her friends out for hanging out on the guys roof. Season 3, episode 10 march 18, 2007 zoey obsesses over getting a birthday present for chase, and comes up with the perfect idea when she learns his grandmothers birthday is on the same date.

Logan brings a present for the girls, a bear for the girls lounge. A total of 61 episodes were aired, spanning four seasons. When a school bully forces dustin to do his homework for him, zoey confronts the bully in public, embarrassing him and further enraging the bully. Chases birthday is coming up but he is too busy writing a 5,000 word essay to care. Zoey obsesses over getting a birthday present for chase, and comes up with the perfect idea when.

Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. Zoey wants to prove to logan that boys and girls can act normal around each other by having lola dress up as a boy and room with chase and logan. Zoey is dating dean riverss son, with some extra perks, like getting quinn a new mattress and their dorm a new, larger. Zoey s date plans are put on hold when quinn unleashes a germ in their room. Christopher massey zoey 101, opening season 1, 2, 3 4 hd. The entire season 3 of the hit nickelodeon teen series, zoey 101 is making a big splash. Chases girlfriend seems really sweet, until she tells zoey to stay away from chase. Jamie lynn spears and alexa nikolas share the same birthday april 4th. A science star considers attending pca, prompting quinn to rebel when she realizes that she may no longer be the smartes. With 12 unforgettable episodes, including special recurring cast member. Zoey 101 season 4 episode 12 watch online the full episode. Zoey 101, season 1 2005 zoey 101, season 3 2006 zoey 101, season 4 2008 zoey 101.

To talk to chase about what she overheard on the webcam, and to find out if she loves him back. Chases birthday is coming up, but he does not want a party because he has to write. For the first time, pca is allowing girls to attend the traditionally allboys school. One of a few episodes with a very dark tone when we learn later in the episode that. The nickelodeon comedydrama series, zoey 101 originally aired from january 9, 2005 to. Zoey 101 a list of 61 titles created 06 aug 2012 see all related lists.

This season showed the girls friendship with quinn moving in with zoey and lola, it was really evident that logan, chase, and michael were friends more so in this season even though they bickered and razzed each other, no one could dispute the friendship between. Zoey 101 is an american comedydrama television series created by dan schneider that. It was filmed from june 2006 to january 2007 and aired from september 24, 2006 to january 4, 2008. Disc one welcome to pca pca is admitting female students for the first time. The student body is looking forward to the endofsemester party at a nearby beach, but one of quinns inventions goes awry and the kids find themselves miles away from the action. Logan also tells zoey that boys act differently around girls. Zoey has a new boyfriend named lance, who is the son of dean rivers. But when he rigs a competition so he and zoey can go to an exclusive movie premiere that everyone at pca wanted to go to, this creates a rift between them especially since zoey doesnt believe them. Then they make pact of whatever happens, they promise that the election wont affect their friendship.

Soak up the rays, ride the crazy waves, and get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine days at pca with all 24 episodes in this 4disc set. In addition to the first episodes of nickelodeons zoey 101, this compilation contains a before they were cast mates segment featuring audition readings by jamie lynn spears zoey, sean flynn chase, paul butcher dustin, and matthew underwood logan, season one bloopers, and the bonus episode quarantine. Zoey brooks returns to pca to find that she and lola have a new roommate. Zoey, lola, quinn en mark proberen een nieuwe snack te. In the pilot episode, we meet the main characters of the show. It comes with 2 discs and some bonus features, like the casts original audition tapes, bloopers, and a bonus episode quarantine. Zoey obsesses about the right gift to get him, and when she finds out that his grandma shares his same birthday, she thinks she has it.

She is nervous about the situation at first, but gets more comfortable when she meets her new friends, dana, qui. Zoey, chase, lola, michael, quinn, logan, and dustin return to pca. The bad news is that they are losing their roommate. Zoey s extraordinary playlist premieres sunday, february 16 at 87c.

It is about zoey and the gang going to logans beach house for spring break and finding out that they are on the testing of logans dads new show called gender defenders. A shocking ending from surprise leads to yet another plot twist. Zoey 101 season 1 episode 9 watch online the full episode. Watch all 25 zoey 101 episodes from season 3,view pictures, get episode information and more. During season 4, he is written out as a main character as is replaced by butler. Meanwhile, lola and quinn accidentally get dustin in trouble when they get his arm caught in a vending machine.

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