Uv5r baofeng software for mac

Uv5r user when using the chirp software for programming after you. Baofeng uv5r programming with chirp software or keypad. The various models of baofeng handheld transceivers keep popping up everywhere. I am trying to get the programming software for the uv5ra, i have not been able to use the software for the uv5r, every time i try it tells me it cannot communicate to the radio. How to manually program memory channels into baofeng. See my postings or check out pd0acs blog for more information. The original now called the macos legacy application build is still available, but can only be run on macos versions prior to catalina that still support 32bit applications. Works only with the rt systems usbk4y cable as shown below. Works with windows 7 32 and 64 bit, windows 8 or 8. Connecting the radio to a mac and finding the driver for setup of cable. Push orange vm button if necessary to enter frequency vfo mode no channel number is shown if voice mode is on the radio will announce. The first day it became publically available i downloaded the mac os programmer for my icom id51a to my macbook pro after loading the. It is a compact, economical ht that includes a special vhf receive band from 65 108 mhz which includes the regular fm broadcast band.

Then your mac will download the memory of the baofeng right into chirp, using what it calls cloning. Please feel free to comment with questions, subscribe, like. Trying to find legit software for programming the baofeng. The baofeng uv5r can be programmed both by the keys that are on the radio, and by using software. Success was not easy, and the path to success was a. It is now the recommended choice for those using chirp on macos. Part 90 hand held transceiver providing 4 watts in the frequency range of 6174 mhz and 400480 mhz. Baofeng is the uv6r programming cable the same as the uv5r. These cables are not all the same, so the computer needs a software driver so it can recognize the. I downloades the files from baofengs website and got the same results. Chirp is a free, opensource tool for programming your amateur radio. How to check the firmware version of the baofeng uv5r the firmware version displayed on the lcd display isnt necessarily the one thats actually in the radio.

Chirp programming tutorial with the baofeng uv5r uv5r. What is a software defined radio and why does it matter for radenso theia. All information, software, etc is provided in good faith and at your risk. Trying to find legit software for programming the baofeng uv5r for the mac. Ham radio crash course baofeng uv5r family radio programming and. Two way radio forum a public support forum for all types of two way radios, including the baofeng uv5r and its variants. Baofeng uv5r uv5ra setup mac cable chirp brent skipper. Chirp chirp is free and open source programming software for many makes and models of radios, including baofeng. Choose the com port number for the usb cable, the vendor baofeng and the model of the radio such as the uv5r from the drop down lists in the popup box. The upper display must be used to program channels into the radio. Baofeng radio programming software download homepage, chirp programming software, oem. Our antivirus analysis shows that this download is safe. Mac osx and linux users are recommended to use a virtual machine to run the vip windows programming software.

Baofengpofung uv5r series twoway radio programming. Baofeng uv5r family radio programming and settings. Were going to program a baofeng radio with chirp software. How to install the baofeng usb programming cable and software installing the baofeng programming cable can be relatively easy, if you know how. The program should download the frequencies from the radio. Press or andor otherwise choose the a display upper display. Baofeng uv5r cable driver for mac feedback if you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support.

Program software for baofeng uv5r windows 64 bit vip version. Miklor software, drivers, guides and faqs for baofeng and other chinese radios. Please include enough info about the problem and situation so the community will be able to. Baofeng programming software freeware rapid sequencer programming software v. Rather, use the open source, free software chirp, which supports both the uv5r and many other radios. How to install the baofeng usb programming cable and software. If you are a vendor and want to have your radio supported by chirp, please see informationforvendors. Easily program a ham radio on a mac or windows youtube. Chirp is free open source software anyone can download.

Baofeng programming software freeware free download. Typically each series or individual radio requires its own software package. An exception is the uv5rx3 radio being sold by main trading from paris texas. I have the proper drivers and cable installedi think. This programming cable also compatible with a wide variety of portable. Programming data entered on the b display lower display will not be saved. Click go to radio on the menu bar and choose download from radio. Configuring chirp to download from the baofeng uv5r. Manually programing your baofeng uv5ra dual band transceiver by bob peterson ke7rap, randall jones ae7rj and jack tiley ad7fo 1. Chirp and the baofeng cable worked fine with me on both windows and linux machines. Rt systems bao5r3 software software program memories and other setting of the baofeng uv5r3 radio. This software and cable kit will not program any other baofeng nonuv5r radios. The radio is dual band vhfuhf, 6174400520mhz, 5 watt and has 128 memory channels which can be alpha tagged.

Uv5r programmer lies within system utilities, more precisely device assistants. Anybody have any recommendations to program the uv5r with mac computers. Compatible with baofeng two way radio baofeng uv5ruv5rauv5r plus, bf888s, uv5r ex, uv5rx3, radioddity ga2s, ga5s. Since you may be a new ham or a long absent ham, like me, you probably dont know what repeaters are in your local area. I found a working download link eventually but thought i would post a new link online so others can find it easily. Program your ham radio on a mac, using the crossover tool. For easier initial frequency programming, copy and paste, and importing frequency files from previous radios you may want to consider using the chirp programming software found. Original baofeng usb programming cable with software cd for uv5r series, bf888s and more. If you need macspecific help, you are at the right page. Anyone have any suggestions or can send me a copy of the software. You might for example just program the radio using the keys if you need to enter just a few memories or you are out in the field with no access to programming software or cables. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats.

In this video me and railfan227 show you how to program a baofeng uv5r. Original baofeng programming cable for two way radio. This is the baofeng original programming usb cable which will allow you connect the radio directly to a computer or a laptop, provide efficient and stable transmission of information. Press to enter frequency mode uv82 press and turn the radio on. Also very frequently, the new owner of such a radio finds that they cannot figure out how. Its used for programming a wide range of amateur radios of different makes and models, and in multiple formats and data sources. Its used for programming a wide range of amateur radios of different makes. To verify the connection, run the chirp programming software.

Baofeng pofung uv5r vip software uv5r f11 uv5ra uv5rc. One package is for conventional programming and the other for trunked programming. Rt systems develops the premier software for baofeng uv5r handheld. I wanted to write this post, as i went through many trials and tribulations to get mac os x to program my baofeng uv5r radio using chirp and the usb cable. Uv5r the uv5r is a 4w1w vhfuhf radio covering 6174 and 400520 mhz early versions 400480 with a 7. Mac os x programming baofeng uv5r with chirp reddit. Baofeng uv5r, new firmware the differences ham radio. If you are running the blb app on an apple device that is using ios 6. The bao5r radio programmer is available for either windows os or mac os. Chirp is available on windows, linux, and mac os, so no matter what operating system youll use, youre covered.

You can download the prolific driver for windows, mac and linux at. To find and install the baofeng usb programming cable driver and programming. Chirp ham radio programming softwarebasic step by step the easy way. Baofeng uv5r handheld dualband tranceiver baofeng uv5r pofung uv5r tranceiver. Just install the software, plug in the rt systems ftdi programming cable, and begin programming your baofeng or pofung uv5r series analog radio. The baofeng uv5r is a compact hand held transceiver providing 4 watts in the frequency range of 6174 mhz and 400480mhz 520mhz later versions. Software will not work with the btech uv5x3, the baofeng uv5r3, uv5x mate uv82, bff8 or bff8hp radios.

The size of the latest downloadable installation package is 2. Ham radio crash course baofeng uv5r family radio programming and settings. Macos programmers are available now for the following. How to program the baofeng uv5r radio the best ham. I noticed that it was very difficult to find a working link to download this software since everybody else was linking to the file hosted on which they had removed. Load only the software designed for your firmware release. It is a compact, economical ht that includes a special vhf receive band from 65108 mhz which includes the regular fm broadcast band. Software before programming your baofeng, we recommend that you use chirp. Rt systems releases macos programming software for baofeng. Ive tried the cd that came with the radio and it just wont install. The baofeng uvprog is a usb programming cable for the baofeng uv5r, uv82, uvb6 and bff9 dual band amateur radios.

Baofeng support your home page for everything baofeng. The daily builds also enable new settings you can program, including setting the squelch. Operating system selection available when adding to cart. The uv5r is a cheap but decent chinese tranceiver that is sold for the ultralow price of around 30 usd 25 eur.

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